Extended health care services,
in-person and virtually.

We work as a team to offer you holistic care, curated and guided by your family physician.

Primary Care

We offer a full suite of in-person primary care services, all of which are covered by OHIP.

Building relationships is important to us, so we’re always there for you and your family, no matter how young or old. Our clinical team is committed to keeping you healthy by delivering personalized care, both in-person and virtually. The Akira app allows you to book appointments, access your medical notes at all times, and connect to our primary care team when, how, and where you want to.

Travel Health

Getting ready for a big trip?

Consult one of our doctors to ensure you have the vaccines and medication you need to be safe and healthy wherever you’re going. Book an appointment and we’ll make sure you’re covered – one less thing for you to worry about.

Available 2020

By far this is the best clinic I been to! They listened to all my concerns, suggested solutions and asked to follow up with them on a progress. I would say it’s an exceptional clinic!

Union Health Patient

Amazing experience at this modern and beautiful new clinic. Great doctors and attentive staff.

Union Health Patient

The staff are so pleasant to interact with, very attentive, accommodating and all seem happy to be there and help you out. I left feeling good, feeling heard, and taken seriously. This was hands down the best healthcare experience I have had so far!

Union Health Patient

Mental Health

Whether you’re looking for mental health support around anxiety, depression, or something else you’re struggling with, we’re here for you. Depending on your needs, we’ll help you set up an appointment with our psychologist or a MSW (Master of Social Work). Mental health support also easily transitions into virtual care, so you can have ongoing support with our specialists without having to come in the clinic for every meeting.


Recovering from an injury or simply have a few kinks to work out? Our physiotherapists are available to provide assessments and exercise plans to help get your body back on track and prevent further injuries. Our physiotherapy services will also be available virtually, so that you can check in with your specialist and work on your recovery plan from wherever you are.

Available 2020