Clinic Policies

Medical Emergencies

For serious medical emergencies, please go to the nearest Emergency Department.   

No-Show and Lateness 

  • Union Health strictly enforces a fee for any late, missed, or cancelled appointments (fees depend on appointment type). 
  • Please arrive to your appointment 15 minutes early to complete the necessary forms.
  • Appointments can be canceled or rescheduled by phone, email, or on the Akira app, Monday to Friday (8am – 5pm). Canceling or rescheduling appointments with less than 48 hours notice will incur a no-show fee.  
  • The cancelation policy applies immediately for appointments booked less than 48 hours out.
  • All appointments will end at the scheduled end time. Late arrivals may need to be rescheduled; fees will apply accordingly.

Fees & Payment

  • All fees must be paid before seeing a doctor.
  • Patients are required to present a valid OHIP card for all medical visits.
  • While we do not provide direct billing, appropriate information and receipts will be provided for insurance claims. 
  • Medical visits for non-Ontario residents must be paid prior to seeing the doctor. Additional charges may apply.

Length of Visits

  • Medical appointments (family practice and walk-ins) are 15 minutes. As per OHIP regulations, doctors can usually address one primary concern per visit.
  • Patients with multiple or complex concerns may be asked to book a second, longer visit.
  • As mental health counselling and complete physicals require longer visits, please let the administrative staff know at the time of booking. Please note that complete physicals can only be performed by your family doctor.

Lab Tests or Investigations

  • Most test results will be delivered to the physician who ordered them within 5-10 days. Patients must book a follow-up appointment to discuss the results and care management. 
  • Patients who are concerned or still having symptoms while waiting for test results are encouraged to use Akira to schedule an appointment or speak with a clinician. 
  • For continuity of care, patients must book all chronic or non-urgent issues with their family physician. We will do our best to accommodate urgent conditions as they arise.
  • Our nursing staff uses Akira to communicate all test results, both normal and abnormal.

Zero-Tolerance Policy

  • Harassment, abusive language, threatening comments, or inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated in our clinic and may lead to dismissal from the practice.
  • A healthy working doctor-patient relationship is necessary to providing you with the best possible care. A relationship that becomes compromised for any reason may result in the relationship being terminated. 

Third-Party Insured and Uninsured Medical Services

  • Not all Medical services are insured by OHIP. Uninsured services include,  among other things, sick notes, insurance and government forms, employment physicals, and travel health. 
  • All charges for uninsured services must be settled at point of service.  While we do not provide direct billing, appropriate information and receipts will be provided for insurance claims.

Prescription Refills

If you would like your physician to fax a prescription renewal to your pharmacy without you having to make an appointment there will be a $30 charge for this service.